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mt-howmany: characters, lines, printed pages count for source code of project

Submitted by mishutka on

One day our team has discussion about how to estimate amount of source code for one of our projects. First idea was just calculate total files size, but... A whole bunch of questions arised immediately: there are a lot of vendor code in project, there are binary files, there are images, generated code, multi-byte character encodings and so on.

Our goal was to understand just how many pure code was written by our team. And we want to know characters, lines and printed-pages estimate counts for projects. So this pet-project was born as an answer to this questions.

mt-howmany is composer based command-line utility. It is installed like any composer package as a dependency:

composer require mitoteam/mt-howmany

Please take a look at GitHub project page for more details about installation and program usage.

Both UNIX-based and Windows OS are supported. All paths are relative to working directory, directory separators are changed from UNIX-ones (/) to Windows-ones (\) automatically when needed.

Unicode strings are handled by symfony/string package for proper characters count calculation. Tool supports exclusions by file extension or by file type. You can define custom characters per page and lines per page values in config.

Config files are in YAML. There is an ability to split config file to several files (importing one to another). We use this to have common part of config in common repository and individual per-project configs.

Program output example for binardo project:

mt-howmany by MiTo Team

Working directory: /www/
Config file loaded: /www/
Config file loaded: /www/

Results by file extension

 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------
  Type        Size     Characters   Files Count   Lines
 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------
  php         777Kb    782756       174           32225
  twig        50.0Kb   51145        26            1471
  scss        29.8Kb   30464        47            1886
  js          17.1Kb   17276        11            637
  yml         15.5Kb   15767        18            621
  sh          9.59Kb   9816         11            348
  po          3.69Kb   2965         1             164
  json        3.27Kb   3344         4             127
  module      3.10Kb   3176         2             131
  theme       3.06Kb   3133         2             123
  gitignore   2.23Kb   2280         2             82
  md          2.08Kb   1323         6             38
  txt         139      139          1             8
  htaccess    38       38           2             4
 ----------- -------- ------------ ------------- -------


Types count: 14
Paths count: 67
Files count: 307
Size: 916Kb
Characters: 923622
Lines: 37865
Pages by Characters: 257
Pages by Lines: 1052