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Switching to Drupal 10

Submitted by mishutka on

Drupal 10 is out for more than two months already! And this is extremely exciting.

Usually it takes from a year to switch to new core version: a lot of modules to upgrade, significant code changes. But Drupal 10 has almost the same core code as previous generation Drupal 9.5. There is a lot of deprecated code removed, there are some new features, but most of 9.5-compatible code runs without any problems with 10.0-core.

Most annoying issue is that not all contrib modules declared their support for Drupal 10. Usually the only change required is to add "^10" core version to .info file. So while waiting for maintainers to do this we using this temporary approach to overcome this.

Next major technological milestone will be switching infrastructure to new PHP 8.2. Benchmarks promise 3-8% to overall performance. Will see.

P.S.: This site is already on Drupal 10.