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Skills and Competencies

Our team have broad variety of skills and competences. Some of us have more than 20 years of IT experience.

We all are very curious and always trying a lot of things. There are our major skills only listed here (the ones we using or used in real-life projects). Being experts in listed technologies allows us to build software in short terms maintaining high-level of quality and reliability.

Most of our modern online projects based on self-developed MtLap Platform.


Major technology for building online applications and cloud services is PHP. We trying to aim technology edge but it is not always possible due to dependencies. For now we using PHP 8.3 mostly with couple servers running very old software under PHP 7.3 yet.

There is also JavaScript used in projects for minor browser-side functionality.

Used time to time for some secondary tasks: C#, golang.


MySQL is used as primary data storage. We use complex setups with master-multislave replication, online data backups.

Redis is used as fast in-memory cache.


All this technologies used in our self-developed Drupal theme 'mtlaptheme' (part of MtLap Platform).




Today we use more than 20 cloud servers for different tasks. All software configurations stored in git repository as ansible playbooks. This allows us to setup new servers in several clicks and 5-10 minutes of waiting while ansible doing its work. This significantly reduces costs for server management, allows us to be very flexible while adjusting resources amount of existing infrastructure or starting new projects.