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MiTo Team RealFly Game

Project Status
Closed (no more development and support)
RealFly screenshot

Small game written to test OpenGL programming. It is simple and unfinished. We provide it just to show an idea.

You have small ship in a "deep space" without any gravitation. So it has absolute inertia. Ship has 3 reactive engines: main and two rotators. Ship's acceleration and movement are calculated according to real Newton's law. This means that this ship has no "break" at all. You have to rotate it on 180 degrees and use main engine to reduce movement speed. Same things with rotators.

Ship is situated in virtual labyrinth. Your goal is to fly to "garage" marked by white line. New level will be loaded after you cross white line. There are five different levels ready for now.


UP   use main engine
LEFT,RIGHT   use rotation engines
A,Z, S,X, D,C   rotate whole space


Please let us know if you like an idea of this game. We are thinking about it improvement. But we don't want to work on it if nobody like it.

You are always welcome with your ideas and suggestions at


MiTo Team RealFly screenshot #1
First level. Just a demo-level to fly-through.

MiTo Team RealFly screenshot #2
Fourth level. Actually this is the first complicated level. Prove that you are RealFly Guru!