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MT Browser Switcher

Project Status
Outdated (some functionality might be old)

This small utility allows you to assign URLs to several different browsers so different websites can be opened with different browsers. This can be useful if you use some browser for everyday surfing but prefer another browser for particular websites. For example you use Opera for everyday surfing, but you prefer to work with your GMail account using Google Chrome since Google services work much more faster and more stable with Google's native browser.

How it works

MT Browser Switcher acts as system default browser. After you trying to open some URL (for example by clicking a link in text document or your favourite RSS-client) MT Browser Switcher analyses this URL and chooses browser according to defined rules. If no suitable rule found for URL it opens it with default browser.

Getting started

MT Browser Switcher is simple and intuitive:

  • Download program and unpack it to any preferred path.
  • Start program and set it as system default browser (it will ask for this after first run).
  • Create custom rules or edit predefined example rules.
  • Enjoy it :)

You need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher for this program if you use Windows XP or Windows 2003. You can download it here: link.

Special Thanks to Alexey(aka Tolsty) for ideas and help with testing!



  • Current version: 1.1
  • Supported languages: English, Russian
  • Supported Operating Systems: Program was tested with Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista. Please let us know if you test it under some other OS.
  • Report a bug / Make a suggestion
  • Download (installer)
  • Download (portable version)

Please feel free to report bugs or make a suggestions!