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MtLap Platform

Project Status
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MtLap software platform is our self-developed ground for fast development of cloud services and applications. Actual development was started in 2007 and it was completely refactored several times to be modern and effective base for most of our online projects. There are more than 10 projects under active development based on MtLap platform.

MtLap platform is based on Drupal CMS (Drupal 10 for now). Technically MtLap consists of 'mtlapbase' module and 'mtlaptheme' base theme for Drupal. Every our online project is custom Drupal module with 'mtlapbase' module dependency and custom Drupal theme inherited from 'mtlaptheme'. This allows us two share a lot of common code, styling, scripts, tests and so on between projects.

Current projects built on MtLap Platform

There are couple really huge projects built on MtLap Platform and actively developed right now. But unfortunately we can not mention them here because of NDA.

Public projects:

  • Binardo - cloud service for creating virtual thrift-boxes.
  • Uu - Managerial Accounting and business management tools.